The best and important ways to learn to speak French


Maybe you speak several languages, and perhaps you do not know to speak your native language correctly. Maybe you plan to learn some foreign language, and maybe you think your language is more than enough for you. You certainly have a right to an opinion, but let me show you some advantages of learn to speak French.

Good sides of learning any foreign language

Keep your brains working. Brain is somehow like a muscle: if you do not use it, it will stunt. Read, solve crossword,  go to quiz, do something that will start your brain. One of the best actions to keep your mind working and ready for new challenges is learning foreign language. Let me tell you just few advantages.

•    As I said, learning foreign language has many advantages to your brain. It increases the activity in brain, increases ability for multi-tasking; prevents you from diseases such as Alzheimer´s or dementia.

•    You can learn more about other cultures and nation if you learn their language. It will also help you understand your language better.

•    You can use foreign language in many occasions, such as school, work, traveling, online searching or connecting people.

Good sides of learning French

If you plan to learn some foreign language, my advice will be to learn to speak french. Besides of the general benefits of learning second language, there are some definite advantages if you chose to learn French.

•    After English, French is second most influential language on the world. In 29 countries French is the official language, as well as in 12 regions. More than 200 million peoples speak French as their native. Many institutions  use French, such as United Nations or Red Cross. French is third most important business language as well.

•    If you are interested in culture, you probably know how many works of art, such as books or play were written in French.

•    If you are passionate traveler, there are high chances you will visit France, which is the most visited tourist country on the world. Many other countries use French in formal or informal communication, and it is a fact things will be much easier if you can talks to natives in their language.

Some advices at the end

If you decided French is your next language, you would need to ask yourself how to learn to speak French? There are many methods and schools, but all comes to three basic ways to learn.

•    Learn from courses and books at home. If you choose this, make sure you are disciplined enough. Also make sure you like to work alone, otherwise you will not last long.

•    Go to a school. Besides English, French is the only language that teaches in every country on the planet. It means there are chances some school is near you. It is great way for those who like to work in the group and for those who are not very disciplined.

•    Go online. There are so many things you could do online, so no wonder learning language is one of them. It is combination of first two ways, since you can work in a group, but from home.

If you learn to speak French, there are so many doors that will open to you, you will find hard to believe. With so many advantages and practically no disadvantages, there is just one question for you: what are you waiting?